Clip Mobile offers Canadians cash to help it grow nationally

Last week we featured the national launch of mobile app start-up Clip Mobile.  And now the race is on.  For them. To cross Canada before another start-up takes up the void left from a very successful launch in Ontario.

Last Monday, Clip Mobile launched their national brand.  If you’re just catching up one here’s what the noise is all about: Clip offers location-based mobile coupons in a simple and effective way to consumers. Clip merchants are able to provide relevant and timely communications with customers at their closest contact point: their Smartphone. clip

Pretty smart.  Unless the buzz is huge.  Which is was and apparently, continues to be.  Now, smartphone users in places as far as Calgary and Vancouver are clammoring for Clip to sign up merchant partners in their cities.  It seems that digital frugality is not just limited to Ontario.  So here’s what Clip is offering:

We’ll give you $25 for the first 20 merchants signed up in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal.

That’s right. Clip is hoping that by offering a cash incentive to its community they will be able to grow in these three centres.  Will this succeed? Will smartphone users be willing to spend 5-30 minutes pitching a company for $25?  I don’t know.  Here’s what I do know:  Clip Mobile has taken Toronto by storm.  Clip should continue to grow as everyone loves a deal and smartphone penetration continues to increase. 

Here’s how this will work:  The person in any of these three cities who looks at this as more than just a $25 shot, but as a potential business opportunity.  I can imagine someone signing up 20 businesses in Vancouver in a week and then offering his or her services to Clip.  If Clip is serious about growing they will want to hire passionate and smart people onto their team.

This looks like it could get interesting.  For more information on this visit the Clip blog.