Cloud computing concept confuses Canadians… but at least we appreciate its value

Perhaps it’s a little early for Microsoft to be running all those television commercials about the new Windows Cloud. A recent survey, conducted in Canada by Leger Marketing on behalf of CA Technologies, revealed that nearly two-thirds of Canadian business executives and nearly a quarter of IT executives are confused by the concept of cloud computing. And those are the professionals—how much regular consumers feel?

Despite the widespread confusion, 64 percent of the business execs polled consider cloud computing important to their company’s future success, with a meagre seven percent of respondents saying that cloud computing is “just hype.” But even so, Canada seems to lack education on the matter, and many believe our country lags behind others in mastering the art of cloud computing—but the potential is undoubtedly there.

“While we may currently lag behind other countries, there are mounting efforts to position Canada as the ideal home for cloud computing,” said Michael Geist,an  academic and law professor at the University of Ottawa. “Canada is well positioned to become a cloud computing leader. We already have much of the technical and privacy infrastructure in place, we are in close proximity to the U.S. and our privacy legislation meets international standards.”

“Cloud computing is still in its early stages in  Canada in part due to uncertainty about its bottom-line benefits to business,” says Jimmy Fulton, vice-president and country manager of CA Technologies Canada. “Canadian executives need to understand and embrace cloud computing to gain competitive advantage.”