Canadian Executive Cloud & DevOps Summit Aims to Transform Your Enterprise

Cloud is the next big thing but it is important to truly understand what the cloud is and how it affects information technology in today’s world.

What we have come to call the cloud is powered by a trend in IT that started with virtualization on the hardware end and converged with the success of service oriented architectures and the adoption of APIs as the way to integrate multiple services together into more complex solutions.

That convergence lead to providers building APIs and services to manage compute resources and effectively started the era of treating infrastructure as code, i.e. being able to write software to define every aspect of the infrastructure, from compute and storage to networking, connectivity, internet exchange, etc.

How does the infrastructure as code paradigm and the associated agile trends like DevOps affects today’s IT? Join TriNimbus’ Chief Cloud Architect, Goran Kimovski at the Canadian Executive Cloud & DevOps Summit on Thursday, May 5 at the Vancouver Convention Centre as he delves further into this subject matter along with other IT leaders from Vancouver Airport Authority, shomi, Samsung, Lonely Planet, AWS, The City of Vancouver, Trend Micro and more.

Tickets are priced at $29. All ticket proceeds will be donated to Ladies Learning Code, a non-profit organization.