Cloud is the Biggest Disruptor in Tech Right Now, Followed by Mobile

The cloud confuses the crap out of people. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t hugely disruptive and the core technology behind some of today’s most innovative solutions.

When experts were asked to select the top two technology that will enable the next indispensible consumer technology in the next three years, cloud was overwhelmingly the number one choice. According to a recent KPMG study, 30% of survey respondents selected the cloud—specifically cloud-based software as a service—as one of their top two choices. That’s double the second-highest, mobile communications, at 15%.

The three cloud categories—SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS—totalled 56% and represented the top three out of four answers. This means that more than half of respondents believed the cloud was one of the top two technologies for the near-future.

Mobile communications and mobile commerce made strong showings, besting social networking platforms, consumer electronics, nanotechnology, and digital media. The cloud and mobile scored similarly well with regards to driving business transformation for enterprises as well.

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“Cloud service providers are managing a number of business transformations including: the tension between pricing flexibility and dynamic revenue models; tax structures and revenue recognition and educating customers about key metrics,” explained Tom Laoureux of KPMG.

It’s clear that the cloud is absolutely huge. Startups and enterprises looking to disrupt and innovate in the coming years should consider leveraging the cloud to deliver the next generation of amazing technology.