CodeCore Community Week to Help Vancouverites Learn to Code

Anyone can learn to code but not everyone can learn on their own and Vancouver’s CodeCore wants to help.

Founded by industry veterans who wanted to pass on their experience, CodeCore’s Bootcamp program aims to give everyone this chance to learn.

Next week will be Week 7 of their current Bootcamp and CodeCore is opeing up the learning to Vancouver’s tech community.

CodeCore’s Community Week will welcome Vancouver tech innovators to give their students (and maybe you) industry insight with a series of lunch-and-learn sessions. The week ends with two framework days covering Flask for Python, Angular Javascript and a Google Engineer stopping by as part of DART Flight School.

“We’re very grateful for the response from within the community to come speak to our students. The students were so grateful for the time that our speakers had given that they suggested us open the doors to others. The website we’re using for registration was built by them too,” said Tam Kbeili, a lead instructor at CodeCore.

Lunch and learn sessions start Monday, February 24 and run weekdays from noon to 1pm:

  • Monday — “Product Consulting: Moving Services to Product” with Boris Mann from Full Stack
  • Tuesday — “Mozilla’s Brick UI Framework” with Angelina Fabbro from Mozilla
  • Wednesday — “Mobify’s Dev Team’s Evolution from 2007-2014” with John Boxall from Mobify
  • Thursday — “Rails/AWS Architecture and Leveraging Web Services” with Stewart Harper from Safe Software
  • Friday — “Lessons Learned as a UI Developer” with Steve Mynett from HootSuite