Codename, Kongregate Collab to Launch Crusaders of Lost Idols on Mobile

A while back, I wrote about an interesting take on the idol games. Idle, in this case, meaning the status of the player during “play.”

A game-type that has been booming as of late. Where players passively watch tickers rise, and make decisions with resources that assist in tickers rising faster. 

Victoria’s Codename Entertainment have had major success with their browser-based idol game, because it’s a unique look at how to present the type of data. Following along a scrolling battle, you adventure through the idle play, defeating foes with your ever growing cluster of heroes. 

As seen at Kongregate’s PAX East 2016 booth, the local developer has once again partnered with the publishing company to help expand the reach of Crusaders to the mobile market.

“We are excited to partner with Codename Entertainment on their hit title Crusaders of the Lost Idols,” said Emily Greer, CEO and co-founder of Kongregate. “We’ve seen great success helping developers to optimize and perfect their games on before tackling mobile together, and we think this game further validates that strategy.”

Mobile is where idle plays the strongest. When the titles in your pockets linger in the back of your mind, it’s easy to unlock the screen, launch the app, and get back to playing.

“We’re very excited to be launching on mobile. The game has gone from strength to strength and now we can reach more fans on mobile devices,” said Eric Jordan, CEO of Codename Entertainment. “We’ve enjoyed a long, successful partnership with Kongregate, and they were the natural choice for publishing our first ever mobile game.”

Crusaders of the Lost Idols is an award-winning idle game, and deserves the recognition based on the pun within its name alone. Codename Entertainment, founded in 2008 started making games for Facebook, and quickly evolved to platforms like Kongregate. 

The game, which has yet to get an exact release date, will be available on mobile (iOS, and Android) this summer. 

The pairing of Codename and Kongregate has proven successful in the past, and the move to mobile marketplace is a huge step for a browser developer. Expect big things this summer when Crusaders of the Lost Idols lands in your pocket.