CoderDojoTo Partners with Bitmaker Labs and Financeit to Help Kids Learn Code

CoderDojoTo has teamed up with Bitmaker Labs and Financeit to help kids ages 10-17 learn how to code.

All CoderDojoTo events will now be held at Bitmaker Labs; the next CoderDojoTo session, called HTML/CSS: Website 101, will be taking place at 10am on Sunday, February 23, at Bitmaker Labs office.

The session is about HTML and CSS, the core languages of website development. Lead instructor Syed Hussaini will show attendees how to build pages, give them custom styles, and link between them to make a web site. The event is free.

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“Computer programs and computers have become intertwined with our daily lives, both at home and at work, assisting us and sometimes even making decisions for us altogether. CoderDojoTo and Bitmaker Labs both strongly support and promote computer literacy, which makes the partnership an ideal fit,” the companies said in a statement.