Collaborate and Connect with Sprouter

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you are a user of Twitter.  What do you use Twitter for?  Do you exchange meaningless banter with friends and co-workers? Or maybe you use it to enter cool contests by your favourite radio DJ?  If you’re like me you spend more time sifting through the noise to ge to what you want on Twitter.  To help out, Twitter recently introduced the List feature.  There is one company that hopes you want a little more focus.

Enter Sprouter.  Today, Sprouter comes out of beta to launch its online colaboration tool for entreprenuers.  While Twitter ask us what we’re doing, Sprouter asks the entreprenuer “What are you working on?”  Answering this particular question encourages other members of the community to offer tips, support, resources or other relevant information.

“The power of social networking by individuals has been made more than evident, and Sprouter is striving to create the same sense of community and sharing for entreprenuers, ” says Toronto-based founder Sarah Prevette, Sprouter’s founder and CEO.  It is Ms. Prevette’s hope that Sprouter will provide both an online and offline forum for real-time networking and collaboration so everyone can benefit from mistakes and successes.  Currently, the Sprouter community has members from all over the world, including India, Australia, Europe and North America.

In my opinion, Twitter is a massive ecosystem that is easy to get lost in.  Sprouter, by its very nature, focuses on niche neighbourhoods.  For example, if you’re interested in digital technology, on Sprouter you can converse with people about it. However, on Twitter many so-called experts insist you develop a relationship with the Twitter community before asking for help of assistance.  Furthermore, in keeping with it’s premise of online and offline collaboration, the company hosts monthly events in various communities called Sprout Up which brings entreprenuers together for in-person networking, discussion and face-to-face crowd sourcing.

So, if you’re an entreprenuer, or you want to get in touch with an entreprenuer, and the noise of Twitter turns you off of all things social media, check out Sprouter.  The ability to talk, discuss, collaborate and connect with the people you want to is a welcomed development in the cluttered world of social media.