Collaborative workspaces spread across Canada

Vancouver is already a pioneer in the art of the temporary, collaborative workspace. With the aptly-named Workspace, as well as the Network Hub, the West Coast has been leading the charge for people and small firms that have outgrown a home office but don’t need or want the headaches that come with permanent residence in a corporate environment.

Webcentric workers in particular have come to value the ability to work in a controlled but creative environment, where they can go from an office to a communal setting at will. Now Montreal is getting its own coworking space at Station C, located at 5369 St. Laurent. With 16 work stations, the space is proving to be popular with freelancers, consultants, graphic designers and others who need a stimulating yet somewhat controlled environment.

Montreal Tech Watch has a report on the new space, and all indications are that it’s a winner. Techvibes wants to know about any other coworking spaces that are currently in development or have just started up, so feel free to let us know in the comments section.