Collect Your Favorite Quotes Online with Quotica

This blog post was written by Erin Bury and was published on the Sprouter Blog yesterday.

Do you ever find yourself trying to remember a great quote that fits a particular conversation you’re having or blog post you’re writing, but you just can’t seem to recall the wording? Entrepreneur Gabriel Tomescu found himself in a similar situation last year – he was trying to think of one of his favorite quotes while helping his girlfriend through some personal issues, but he just couldn’t remember the words. “Then it just hit me, I wish I had my favourite quotes at my fingertips, for exactly these type of situations,” Tomescu says. “I wanted to help her, but I was stuck. That conversation could’ve gone a different way, and that’s how Quotica was born.”

Quotica is a way to collect and discover quotes online. It allows you to add and tag quotes, save quotes other users have added to your favorites, follow other users, and share quotes on Facebook/Twitter. “A quote can move you, a quote can inspire you, a quote can make you laugh, a quote can take your breath away,” Tomescu says. “With this inherent emotional response to quotes, we think there’s a need to create a special, visual place where you can store your own tiny moments of inspiration, while sharing with others.” Quotica allows users to add their own quotes – they can customize the text of their quote, tag it (funny, movies, etc), list the author, provide a URL if applicable, and pick a design. There are currently nine design backgrounds, including a Polaroid photo and a variety of different notepads. If you’re more interested in browsing quotes than adding your own you can browse by people you’re following, popular quotes, popular authors, and over 40 tags.

Tomescu says Quotica isn’t just a way to remember quotes though, it’s a natural extension of social product discovery. “Imagine reading Freakonomics on your cottage deck, pulling out your iPhone and adding a quote from the book on Quotica. Now, beyond sharing it on Facebook/Twitter with friends, we want to automatically attach a relevant product to each quote to show where that quote came from. This way your friends can also share in the wisdom or inspiration of the quote, and dig deeper through product recommendations.”

He has been building the site since January with the help of two co-founders, and they’ve bootstrapped thus far. He says they have many other features in the works, but launched the site with a minimal design. He also says they’re open to funding once they debut their mobile apps, add full social integration, and add product recommendations. “Customer traction will be key to prove our idea before we seek outside investment,” he says. ”Ken, Haseeb and I see quotes as tiny pieces of stimulation that can bring change, reflection, and action to your daily life,” Tomescu says. “You can be watching an episode of Friends, reading a Harry Potter novel, blasting one of your Katy Perry albums, or attending your college graduation ceremony, and somewhere in all of that noise, a string of words jumps out at you.”

Right now the site is in private beta, and Tomescu says his goal is to launch publicly once they reach 10,000 quotes. “We also want to spend time to figure out what our users are really interested in. More templates? Better social integration? We have a few unanswered questions that we want to tackle before we remove the invite key process.”

Interested in trying Quotica? 100 invites are available by visiting this link.