Combustion Hosting – Dynamite Customer Service with a Bang

January 31st Feature of Excellence – Innovation Worx

Perched just above and to the right of Granville Island’s concrete waterfall, sits a team of young, talented, tech-savvy, personable and genuine nice guys. What the… You heard me right. A bit of an oxymoron no doubt, but true. Steve Jagger and Mike Stephenson, co-founders of Combustion Labs Media Inc., a 3-year old Vancouver based company, are sitting on a virtual hot bed of potential that is about to go off.

Their primary venture Combustion Hosting is an emerging player in the hosting industry. Certainly, hosting as a service is not all that sexy and near impossible to differentiate. But the minute you’re introduced to this company, you immediately know that something here is different… very different.
Coming across their site one day while doing some sales research, I found myself drawn in, lingering longer than I usually do. Somehow my typical 10-second attention span, gave way to my curiosity and I was compelled to stay. Not one to procrastinate when something catches my interest. I picked up the phone to call Combustion and see what the spark was about. I just about fell out of my seat when a person answered my call rather than a voice mail system.
When later I sent an email to follow up to my phone call, I received what was clearly an auto-responder. But in keeping with everything else about this company, this one was atypical. It said that Steve was available during business hours; it outlined exactly what the business hours were and what time zone applied and assured me that I would be contacted within 6 hours if during business hours, or the following day if after hours. It included an emergency cell number, just in case.

Well within the 6 hours, I received my promised call back and the rest was history. You see it was only by coincidence that I happened to be looking for a web hosting company. They were not laying on the charm to win my business. The experience I had was no different from anyone else that has had the good fortune of crossing paths with the Combustion team.

What is it that makes this company so different? I’m not sure exactly. Service, yes that’s a big part of it. A genuine sense of caring, attested to by hand-written thank you cards, birthday cards or a get well card and a scaled down hosting package at no charge, for the customer who had to temporarily shut down his business and his web site due to a physical injury. Perhaps, it is the White Wine Wednesdays thrown monthly for clients, prospective clients and friends of Combustion, just to get know each other.

In my view, it is more of what is missing that puts this company at the top of my list. Arrogance. Gone are the egos of tech company wizards about to change the world. What you receive at Combustion is a sort of old-fashioned feeling of genuine hospitality. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are good at what they do and they know it. But they just put it out there, rather than in your face. These guys are definitely on to something and when you have the pleasure of doing business with them, it will change forever how you think about dealing with a tech company. Service of this kind can’t be faked.
The irony of their office being located next to a steady flow of rushing water is not lost on me. This company is about to blow up.

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