Comcast mixing up some ad synergy with Mixpo

Comcast Spotlight’s recently-announced partnership with Seattle-based online video advertising platform Mixpo will enable Comcast clients to readily convert TV ads into online video ads.

The partners are highlighting the ability of clients to track and compare the effectiveness of different online ads and measure the performance of their video ads according to page-views, viewers’ graphic locations and other webby metrics readily understood by anyone with a passing familiarity to Google Analytics or WordPress blog stats.

Coming on the heels of some fairly expensive acquisitions by Comcast for social media company Plaxo (rumored to be worth $100 million by Joseph Weisenthal back in May — and movie-ticketing site Fandango for $200 million, according to analysts back in 2007 – Bnet), it seems Comcast is continuing to build its presence waaaaaay beyond its original business model from a few decades back as a humble cable provider. As for Mixpo, partnering with such a huge communications company is going to give it a real leg up on some of the competition trying to exploit the local search advertising market, which may grow to about $1.3 billion in 2008, according to a Borrell Associates Report.