Comic Boom Brings Kids’ Doodles to the Web

When I was a kid, our drawing programs were bitmap, black and white, and lacked JPEG export, never mind that there was no web to share our creations on. The current generation of young, budding, comic creators have it much easier with apps like Comic Boom, just released by Montreal’s Toon Boom Animation. Comic Boom incorporates the vector drawing engine from their professional 2D animation app, Toon Boom Studio, with an interface and workflow that’s accessible to kids. With a library of clip-art, captions, and backgrounds, the learning curve is low and the focus is on fun and creativity. It will export to JPEG or PDF for easy web sharing, and supports USB tablets.

Remember kids, professional webcomic artist is a difficult, but not impossible job to attain. Comic Boom is available for Mac or Windows at US$19.99.