Communitech Rev Welcomes Four Startups to Sales Accelerator

Communitech Rev has welcomed four companies to its sales-focused accelerator Waterloo.

The startups were selected for the program, which takes no equity from the companies, based on their current sales and overall market opportunity and will be held accountable to weekly goals.

They are:

  • Dozr, an equipment-sharing platform that connects construction equipment renters to lenders.

  • Alaunus, a mobile IT platform updating inefficient processes in healthcare.

  • CloudWifi, which creates reliable cloud-managed wifi network services for businesses.

  • BitHound, which helps software developers build reliable code.

“I’m keen to get this cohort in house; they’re all very different businesses but each have wonderful market opportunities,” said Steve McCartney, vice president of Communitech’s Startup Services Group. “They’re all at the perfect stage to take advantage of the program, and really drive their sales. It’ll be exciting to see what they are able to accomplish.”

“It’s important for these companies to understand what a marketing engine and a sales engine look like,” said Daryl Sherman, one of the accelerator’s Embedded Executives. “We help them to understand how these matter to their success by digging deep into their businesses, and looking at sales and customers in a different way.”

Communitech Rev is a revolving six-month program, bringing in new companies every three months.