Communities across Canada to come together for Stop The Meter National Day of Action

After the CRTC made a decision that made the Internet less affordable and accessible, nearly half-a-million Canadians signed an online petition calling on Ottawa to “Stop The Meter” and end Internet caps. Techvibes summarized the story with a blog post titled The Great Usage-based Billing Fiasco: CRTC’s saga in 13 chapters.

Due to the public pressure, the CRTC was forced to reconsider its decision.

While this was a big win for the pro-Internet community, the issue is far from over. As the review of Internet metering, which is open for public comments, approaches, Canadians can be sure that big telecom companies are exerting significant pressure on the CRTC to move forward with less affordable Internet access.

This Saturday, February 26th is Stop The Meter National Day of Action and Internet supporters across Canada are urged to help educate their local community, and encourage their friends and neighbours to add their names to the nearly half-a-million who signed the petition online at

Thousands of pink “Data Usage Tickets” have been printed and will be given out to unsuspecting civilians accessing the Internet in coffee shops and other public places.

The National Day of Action is supported by & Canadians Advocating for Political Participation (CAPP). Visit for a list of participating cities.