Community Managers Converge on Toronto Next Week

Internet users can expect a tamer version of Twitter, Facebook and other social networks on May 22nd as 200 online engagement specialists will attend Community Management Conference CM1 in Toronto.

In April, Marketing Magazine called the Community Manager role “a must-have for every brand in social, [though] it’s also one of the most difficult to define.” CM1 exists to address the importance and hesitance surrounding Community Management, as related roles grows in new and expected ways.

Building on the success of its first conference in November 2013, CM1 will again focus on the growing value of online Community Management in Canadian companies of all sizes.

CM1 features nine speakers, each bringing a different perspective from their organizations to Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto for the one-day conference. Attendees will explore the value of online engagement, social media influencers, and localization as well as learn about change management, recruiting online evangelists and creating fans.

CM1 is co-organized by FITC, The Tite Group and Dx3 Canada. The CM1 2014 speaker lineup includes the CBC’s Tessa Sproule, Flight Centre Travel’s Gregg Tilston, and Blogger Extraordinaire Casie Stewart.

Register online to attend.