Community Teams Up for Weekend of Ruby

Ruby logo on whiteThree and a half years ago, Ruby on Rails disrupted the web programming world with a video showing a blog being programmed in 15 minutes and 58 lines of code. With it’s heavy-handed design philosophy and active community, Rails has solidified itself as a robust web application framework, and many other frameworks have incorporated its ideas.

January 25-27, some familiar faces from Vancouver’s Ruby/Rails meet-up group are organizing a series of events comprising “A Weekend of Ruby”. All-day Friday, Gerald Bauer and Scott Patten are holding an Intermediate Ruby on Rails workshop at BCIT Downtown. On Saturday, Workspace hosts Vancouver’s first RubyCamp. Finally on Sunday, Peter Armstrong, author of the recently released book Flexible Rails leads a workshop of the same name, covering the use of Adobe’s Flex 3 with Rails 2.

RubyCamp is free to all, though the Friday and Sunday workshops have separate fees (early bird prices still available). In true unconference style, RubyCamp is welcoming anyone to give a talk, and is also cultivating a “hackathon” during the event, were people can informally work on projects together. Kudos to the organizers for this community collaboration.