Company Culture at Voices Encourages Curiosity, Competitiveness

Ever wonder where they got the guy who narrates over the Canadian Tire, Leon’s or Tim Horton’s commercials? Or how they searched for the people who do the voices of the Ninja Turtles?

There’s a good chance that they were found using, which is the largest online marketplace for voice-over talent in the world.

“We help businesspeople including marketing executives, creative directors and video producers connect with professional voice talent.” says David Ciccarelli the CEO and cofounder of the popular company. has become the go-to place for over 250,000 people to find voice-over talent for commercials, corporate training material, educational content and much more.

“Our company culture is one of high performance, yes, but also of learning, sharing and having fun,” he says.

David goes on to point out that a big part of the day is what they call the ‘Huddle’. “With nearly 100 people participating, this high energy information sharing session is not only the opportunity to hear about good news, performance metrics and share customer stories, it’s also where employees bump into each other.”

There are also many perks that come along by being on the staff.

“As a forward-thinking tech company, we aspire to be the employer of choice here in London, Ontario. We understand that a job should be much more than the paycheque you take home. The fact is, we’re doing life together. With that in mind, we try to create a place where the team wants to be,” David says.

There are free Monday morning breakfasts, tea-times, birthday lunches and many other food related activities and celebrations as well as a very active social committee at the office.

“They’ve organized everything from soccer games in giant bubbles to a recent company party at a winery,” David says. “A Health and Wellness Committee looks out for employees’ general well being. All of this creates a supportive environment where there is truly a sense where we look out for each other.”

When looking for employees, David says that there is a clear vision they have in mind.

“We call it the 3Cs: curious, coachable and competitive. These personality traits work across every role. People who are curious ask ‘why’ a lot. On a deeper level, they are looking for understanding and meaning,” he explains. “When engaged in business development or considering solutions to a tough problem, being curious opens up the mind to new possibilities. Coachable people are lifelong learners and are not only willing to, but wanting to receive feedback. Lastly, a healthy degree of competition. Being competitive with yourself or with your colleagues in a similar role creates an engaged team, always striving to win.”

David and the team would like to hear from you if you are looking for work and are a passionate and committed team member.

“If you’re considering making a career change or exploring alternatives, we’d love the opportunity to meet you,” he says. “The best way to take your first step is to simply apply on our website. By doing so, your application is guaranteed to be reviewed by a member of our staff.”

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