Canadians Complaining About Wireless Services More Than Ever, Report Reveals

Errors on cellphone bills continue to infurirate consumers, according to a new report from the Commissioner for Complaints and Telecommunications Services. The most common complaint? The telco overcharges the consumer.

The telecom watchdog handled nearly 11,000 complaints in the past year. That’s up 35% from the year before. 

“The number one complaint is what I will call routine billing errors related to regular service,” commissioner Howard Maker, who released his annual report this week, told the Canadian Press. “Wireless tends to be a complaint generator.”

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications has asked Canadians to help it build a national code that would hopefully lower complaint levels.

The second most common complaint involved cellphone contract clauses—including such notorious things as early termination fees. Indeed, more than 60% of the complaints were related to wireless services—the most ever, according to the report.