Complaints About Wireless Services up 31% from Last Year: CCTS

For the sixth year in a row, wireless billing errors top the list of Canadian consumer complaints in a report published annually by the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications.

Complaints are up 31% from last year, according to the report. Bell received the most complaints, followed very closely by Rogers. Nearly 14,000 complaints were registered this year. In the first year the CCTS was active (2007), just 2,200 complaints were issued.

Billing error complaints make up more than half of all complaints. Canada’s wireless service providers stand to make a lot of easy money based on billing errors that go undisputed, though some consumers argue this is stealing, but may still explain why these errors persist year after year.

Not every telco is being slammed by the CCTS though. Complaintsd about Telus were down 27% despite the overall industry increase.

“Our team is dedicated to putting our customers first and we have worked hard to deliver future friendly services for Canadians,” noted Darren Entwistle, Telus CEO. “The release of the annual CCTS report is a key benchmark of our success in delivering upon our Clear and Simple approach to our customers.”

“Although we still have more work to do in advancing our customers first priority, our approach is clearly setting us apart from other providers, he added.