ComScore’s Top Startups in Canada – July 2009

As a follow-up to PEER 1’s July 2009 Canada Startup Index yesterday, comScore has provided us with their take on the top contenders based on May 2009 data.

In the above chart, the Online % Reach is the percentage of Canadians online that each entity reaches. As an example, Metrolyrics hit double digits and reached 10.2% of all Canadians during May. Metrolyrics traffic continues to grow with a .7% increase over the previous month.

We know this Top 20 list doesn’t necessarily include all the top startups in Canada – so tell us who you think we’re missing and we’ll submit them to comScore next month to see if they’re worthy of Top 20 status.

Thanks again to comScore for sharing this valuable data with Techvibes.