BlackBerry World Conference Rebranded as ‘BlackBerry Live’

Now that BlackBerry App World is simply BlackBerry World, the BlackBerry World conference needed a new name, lest Research In Motion faithful suffer from tremendous confusion.

That new conference name is BlackBerry Live. Research In Motion says the event will be held from May 14 to 16. As usual, it’s being held in Orlando.

“This year’s BlackBerry Live conference is going to be a very exciting event for us here at RIM, our attendees, partners, carriers, and customers,”the Canadian company said this week. “We’re already well underway with the planning, and the timing couldn’t be better on the heels of our launch of BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.”

At BlackBerry Live, RIM says attendees will be able to try out the BlackBerry 10 platform, meet its creators, and gain insight into the company’s future. Commenting on the new name of the conference, RIM affirmed that “we love the new name,” noting “it comes with a hugely positive outlook and a very exciting year for BlackBerry technology.”