Connect with your Twitter Flock in person

Are you someone who loves to meet the people you’ve connected with online?In Real Life” encounters are a natural extension of the online connections we make.  Toronto’s Jet Cooper is hoping to make it easier for people like myself to connect with people in a specific location.

For the next little while I’m in Africa and a service like Flockoo can be of great help. What is Flockoo?

Here’s how Satish Kanwar of Jet Cooper explained Flockoo to me via email:

Flockoo helps you find Twitter followers by location.  It allows you to connect to your account, specify a location, and discover all of the followers in your own network that are in that location.  It also allows you to create Twitter lists based on those results, making it easier than ever to draw local relevance from the firehose of tweets.

How did the idea of Flockoo come to Jet Cooper? Verne Ho, also of Jet Cooper, explained via email:

The application was literally built overnight in a 4-hour timespan, spearheaded by Darcy Clarke (@darcy_clarke) and Moeed Mohammad (@mmoeed). Since then we’ve clocked a few more hours of polish, mostly in response to the great feedback we’ve received from the community. We’re also excited to reveal more of what we have in store next!

Currently in beta, there are a number of updates planned for Flockoo in the next 2-4 weeks.  Try it at and follow the conversation using #flockoo or #jetcooper.

Congrats to Jet Cooper on this new development and wish them further success this summer.