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Kendra Court, offer a tremendous chance to engage both professionally and socially.

Each month, FastLane hosts various themed events that speak to the career minded individual, with not much free time to spare. Last month, with a focus on the latest in fashion, Deborah and Kendra thought it appropriate to concentrate their efforts on the newest gadgets and technological innovations set to hit the market.

We wanted to focus on technology, as it directly compliments the upcoming holiday season. We’ve had a huge demand for events centered around technology and digital media. We’re committed to engaging with the social media community in Toronto and delivering must-attend events of this nature.

Tonight (November 10th), in the heart of Toronto Life Square at Woo Restaurant and Lounge – Fast Lane, in partnership with Bell Mobility, is introducing 8 vendors and expected to host over 100 attendees.

Vendors include, High-Tech Tattoos. High-TechTattoos is also offering personalized phone and computer tattoos as an added bonus to attendees who would like to purchase a design.

For tickets, please visit: