Connecting serial innovators with strategic entrepreneurs

With the intent to connect serial innovators with already established entreprenurs, this year’s Canadian innovation exchange conference left little to be desired. With support from Canada’s venture capital community and thought leaders spanning  various verticals, there was an overwhelming sense that Canada is on the forefront of innovation, change and entrepreneurship.  With an introduction citing that the Canadian Innovation Exchange is targeted at three groups spanning strategic partners, angel investors and entrepreneurs it’s evident that the need to respond for change is more relevant than ever for Canadian innovators.

It was an overhwhelming consensus by many of the speakers that there is not much capital today to invest in Canadian venture funds because Canadian venture funds have not performed at level of other choices or options.  As such, it’s up to the entrepeneurs themselves to bring awareness to the depth and breadth of talent that resides in our country.  Speakers also emphasized the fact that w’re in the early stages of two powers: Clean technology and Digital media, and as such Canadian innovation is even more imperative for market stimulation.

Prior to engaging with the keynote speakes, the audience was treated to a short address from Toronto’s Mayor David Miller.  Miller, eager to highlight Toronto’s significance in the Canadian world of innovation and technology communicated that “we have the capacity to innovate.” Underscoring the reasoning behind this statement Miller continued by stating that “I know this because there is still a boom going on in this city – we can’t build on this momentum without innovation.”  Explaining that the agenda for prosperity has been a strategy adopted by city council unanimously, Miller outlined the principles for proactivey we must come to know:  Proactive Toronto, Global Toronto, Creative Toronto, One Toronto.

On a day filled with high interest and deep respect for Canada’s future in the entreprenurial sphere, CIX was, without a doubt inspired by an eagerness to engage in digital media and search for the next irreverent idea.