Connectivity, Productivity, Content, and Capital at the Canada 3.0 Digital Media Forum

Next month, more than 2,000 delegates representing industry, government, and academia will travel from across Canada to gather in Stratford, Ontario to attend CDMN’s fourth annual Canada 3.0 Digital Media Forum

Consistent with the moonshot goal introduced in 2010, “anyone can do anything online in Canada by 2017,” CDMN’s Canada 3.0 2012 will focus on the progress and benefits of digital media as it enriches communication, facilitates knowledge transfer, drives innovation, and improves productivity across all industry verticals.

Conference organizers have developed four streams for the conference: Connectivity, Productivity, Content, and Capital (Talent and  access to capital). These streams have been identified as the primary contributing factors to Canadian success in the digital media realm and effective management of and access to these resources will help to create companies, jobs and wealth for the nation.

Private industry, government and academic delegates can save $300 if they register before March 23. After that, the price goes up to $795 for these groups. If you’re a self-identified “startup,” small business, or not-for-profit, the deal is even better—for $250, you can attend everything.

Early-bird registration for Canada 3.0 2012 is now open. The Canada 3.0 Digital Media Forum takes place on April 24 and 25. Register online.