Conquer Mobile to Provide Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Solutions

Vancouver’s Conquer Mobile announced today that they are partnering with VRcade to produce medical simulation solutions for medical education.

Conquer Mobile is already developing medical simulation products for iPad and home VR systems such as Oculus Rift, and according to their press release has been searching for a fully immersive open walking environment.

VRcade met the criteria—with no wires, no controllers, no motion sickness and intuitive movements.

According to Conquer Moblle CTO Aaron Hilton, “We searched extensively for a VR platform that could be used for serious medical applications. VRcade will enable us to create a fully immersive operating room experience. There is no lag and no motion sickness. You just put it on and it works. You are free to walk around.”

VRcade uses a mix of proprietary and off-the-shelf hardware and software and integrates with game engines such as Unity. Because of the modular design of the system, as technology grows, components can be upgraded for higher-performance options, resulting in an evolving platform which never becomes obsolete.

“By taking the VR experience out of the home, we have been able to eliminate the traditional bottlenecks which have always hampered VR,” Jamie Kelly, cofounder of VRcade added. “Space constraints, wires, latency, accuracy and proprietary software issues are all resolved using the VRcade platform. The result is a completely intuitive and natural human-to-machine interface. Conquer Mobile has the technical competence and the domain expertise to produce game changing solutions for medical education in this environment.”

VRcade has received accolades from tech media and gaming specialists alike for its freedom from a game controller and its 1:1 movement correlation. “This is the closest thing to Star Trek’s Holodeck,” remarked Aaron Hilton.