Conquer Mobile Wins Awards for Emergency Room Mobile App

Vancouver’s Conquer Mobile recently participated in Sanotron’s Hacking Health event and swept up awards for eBeeper, a mobile app for Emergency Departments.

Hacking Health attracted over 200 people and assembled over 30 projects to innovate health technology and complete for prizes.

Conquer Mobile new mHealth app eBeeper won three awards: Best Use of Technology, Most Likely to Succeed, and Best Overall.

Like FedEx for doctors, eBeeper tracks lab requisitions in the emergency room (ER) to help optimize physician workflow and save valuable time for patients.

eBeeper addresses a serious problem with current ER practice. When a patient is asked to get an X-ray or blood work-up, the patient is directed to the appropriate facility within the hospital. However, the emergency physician does not know when the X-ray images or lab results are ready for review. This means physicians must periodically log-in and check for patient results, often wasting valuable time and leaving patients waiting. eBeeper solves this problem, with realtime physician notifications.

A co-founder of the company, Wayne Choi, now an Emergency Medicine resident physician at McGill University, identified a pain in the current emergency room practice. eBeeper was created by a team of 4, developers Aaron Hilton (CTO of Conquer Mobile) and Owen Mead-Robins, and UBC medical students Billy Lin and Johnny Lee to solve this problem.

Conquer Mobile is now actively investigating the commercialization of this technology, filing patents and assembling a dream team of developers, medical contacts, and business leaders.