Government Versus Telcos: Conservative Party of Canada Launches ‘Consumers First’ Campaign

Earlier this month, Canada’s three major wireless incumbents—Rogers, Telus, and Bell—joined forces to launch a campaign called “Fair for Canada.”

The campaign was intended to appeal to both consumers and the governments. Neither have sided with the telcos, however.

Consumers have expressed their distaste with severe online backlash. And now the Conservative government has launched a counter-campaign.

Called “Consumers First,” the online-based campaign aims to reaffirm to Canadian consumers that inviting foreign competition into Canada will benefit them.

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The campaign includes various statistics: according to the CRTC, the Canadian government has put Canadian consumers first by adopting a pro-competition, pro-consumer wireless policy. Since 2008, the average cost of wireless services for Canadians has decreased by nearly 20%. And according to Statistics Canada, since our Government began introducing policies to increase competition in 2008, jobs in the wireless sector have increased by almost 25%.

The campaign also breaks down myths versus facts, such as:

Myth: Canadians already have some of the lowest cell phone bills in the world.
Fact: Canada is ranked among the 10 most expensive countries for wireless services in virtually every category.

It’s clear from Consumers First that, regardless of how hard the three telcos lobby, the federal government won’t change its current rules. Whether that’s good for Canadians remains to be seen.