Conservus Launches Montrealinfo, a Corporate Concierge for Your Mobile Device

Montreal-based Conservus, a pioneer in the online corporate concierge space, has launched Montrealinfo, a mobile-optimized concierge service. 

“The concierge is someone you want to have as a friend when you wish to fully enjoy life or when you need help with things that sap your time and energy,” Conservus says. “The concierge knows the city like no other and possesses a network of contacts throughout the world that is the envy of all. A concierge worth his stripes has a comprehensive and well-maintained database. Conservus is proud to announce the official launch of Montrealinfo, its free mobile application that contains a bilingual database on Montreal.” 

In 1995, Conservus claims that it was the first company to “apply the skills of hotel concierges to the needs of the corporate milieu.” Its latest offering, the web- and mobile-powered Montrealinfo, is built on 17 years of first-hand experience.

Montrealinfo contains a complete event calendar that lists events held in over 220 venues throughout the greater metropolitan area. The events are listed in the following categories: Music, Theatre, Sports, Dance, Exhibitions, Humour, Festivals, Special Events and Events for Children. In addition to the calendar, the Montrealinfo application offers dynamic lists of merchants assembled into the following categories: Restaurants, Bars, Stores, Lodging, Rentals, Sports and Leisure, Services, Transportation, Food, Arts, and Quebec Regions. The application also provides geolocation of all businesses and other locations that are listed.