Considerations for Developing Health Canada Approved Applications for Mobile Devices

The President and CEO of Calgary Scientific, Pierre Lemire, spoke at WiTec’s Mobile App developers conference in Calgary yesterday. He talked about Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD Mobile and considerations for developing Health Canada approved applications for mobile devices.

It’s an interesting subject, as it’s a very practical use for mobile devices, but one that comes with very strict restrictions around that use. What ResolutionMD Mobile has done is built an app that sends saved images (CT scans, for example) to a doctor’s iPad, iPhone or Android device to increase the availability and reach of specialists.

Pierre spoke about the experience of developing between different platforms and user experiences between different devices. For example, you can use the volume buttons to scroll between layers of a scan on an Android device, but that’s not how people use the iPhone. He also talked about the challenges around developing an app that handles such sensitive data. First, all of the data is kept on the server, not on the device. Also, the app can’t go live with any bugs that might affect patient care, so it must be thoroughly tested prior to launch (not like a game, where constant iterations are more acceptable).

The response of the doctors using ResolutionMD (ResMD) Mobile has been overwhelmingly positive.  The ability to have immediate access to patient images – in spite of patients being remote from the physicians who have the expertise need to treat them – allows for patients to receive the best possible care and improves health outcomes. ResMD Mobile solution is currently installed at the Foothills Medical Centre here in Calgary, at USC University Hospital in LA and at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.  ResMD Mobile is a critical component in the STARR program, a state-wide initiative where the Mayo Clinic intends to provide care to all rural residents suffering acute stroke.  

It’s great getting out to events and discovering such interesting innovation is happening right here in Calgary. If you are looking to find out more about RedMD, you can read about it on the Calgary Scientific blog.