Content is King

If the twentieth century taught us that time equals money, the new millennium argues that attention is the new currency. In a connected and digital world, content has great value. The fact that this article has attracted your eyeballs (another emerging unit of worth) has trackable, measurable market price.

Much like paper currency, content can be shared, valued and exchanged. Companies such as Kelowna software developer Media Cooler are cashing in on the trend that, in a sharing economy, quality content buys trust.

Alison Yesilcimen, Co-Founder and CEO of Media Cooler, is helping companies like the Calgary Herald convert quality content into sales by creating a marketplace,, that offers archived articles, images and PDF pages, and positioning traditional print publishers as valuable content resources to other businesses.

“Our software makes it possible to easily access top industry publishers and purchase content for business purposes.”

If you aren’t convinced that great content fulfills an appetite for information then you probably haven’t made it to this fifth paragraph.  Content contributes to the main metric for success in the digital age: traffic.  Quality content results in links, search optimization and click throughs.  According to Mashable, “62% of companies today outsource their content marketing” and “interesting content” is one of the top reasons that people follow brands on social media.

For companies like Media Cooler, this means that traditional print-based publishers need to rethink the market for information and look to “any company that needs professionally created content for their websites, newsletters, blogs or social media” who, according to Yesilcimen,  “can benefit from using the Herald Content Marketplace.”

If you’re still not convinced of the value of content, consider the recent sale of the Washington Post to Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos.  Among the speculations for why Bezos personally purchased the newspaper is the simple concept of influence.  Regardless of whether Bezos purchased the newspaper for political, social or Amazonian reasons, he definitely realized the value of its content.

Accordingly to Yesilcimen, “Whether you are a small business or a billion dollar brand, companies know they need relevant and compelling content at all different phases of the buying life cycle.  90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.  Content marketing builds trust and loyalty, which ultimately convert into sales.”