Cool Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns



It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:

Turbo Kid

Most movie-related crowdfunding campaigns are to raise money to make a film but that creates some risks. What if the movie never gets made? What if it gets made and it isn’t very good?

This campaign avoids those pitfalls. It’s for a movie that’s already been made.

Instead of raising money to produce the film, the creators of Turbo Kid are raising money to promote their film and make merchandise like action figures and a comic book. The film itself an action movie set in a futuristic (from an 80s perspective) post-apocalyptic 1997 looks pretty cool and currently has a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The perks are mostly clothing and film related – though some of them are already sold out. You can a digital download of the film for US$20 or a VHS tape (it comes with a digital download) for US$60.

The campaign is looking for $10,000.

Pocket Sun – Limitless Power From Movement, Heat & the Sun

No, it’s not a perpetual motion machine of a cold fusion breakthrough, instead it’s a portable solar panel that also generates electricity from heat and movement.

Designed to charge smartphones and watches as well as tablets, the creators of this device say that the energy generated from putting the device in the sun for two hours or from going for a 30-minute run could keep your phone charge for three hours.

While it probably won’t allow you to live off the grid completely, it could be pretty useful on the go and the idea of going for a run to charge your phone seems like something that’s good for the world.

The Pocket Sun will cost the first 1,000 backers $70. The campaign is looking for $200,000. Right now they’re at a little over $3,500 with over a month to go.

Bootleg Systems

This retro-futuristic shooter looks like something pretty different. Players use their weapon to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, rather than just shoot bad guys.

The setting might be retro but the graphics aren’t. They’re simple but slick, with lots of neon.

The music is good and fits the setting and there’s already a playable demo for Windows, Mac and Linux.

$10 gets early backers the game. The campaign is looking for $50,000. Right now it’s at $1,381 with three weeks to go.

“The Easy-Pass”

With crowdfunding campaigns getting increasingly slick. This one is decidedly not.

It’s for a simple tool to get the drawstring back into the hood of a hoodie or another article of clothing after its been pulled out or come out in the dryer.

The Easy-Pass is $15. The campaign is looking to raise $5,000. With a week and a half to go it’s at $300.