Coral CEA revs Open Innovation engine

There is a new source of funding for Ontario-based software start-ups.

Launched with $9.3 million in funding over five years from Ontario’s MRI, Coral CEA is now leveraged by a further $19.6 million of private sector investment. Coral CEA is celebrating solid successes: the creation of 7 new companies and 34 new jobs in the field of Communications Enabled Applications (CEA) as well as a new online showcase of 22 new products, services and software development projects.

Coral CEA is a developer network focused on the build-out of a member-based software ecosystem devoted to Communications Enabled Applications.

Coral CEA is looking for new startups to join its membership. There are many benefits, and they include direct funding of software commercialization projects.

For more information on Coral CEA Membership or to become a new member, contact and request an application.