Corus and Supernova bring social networking to radio programming

e’ve all heard about musicians getting discovered on MySpace. And apparently, one of the most critically-acclaimed artists in the world was discovered after singing on YouTube. Social networking has been indirectly responsible for many artists getting noticed, but Corus radio plans to give listeners a more direct way to promote their faves.

The Supernova platform, it’s being called, has already rolled out for Vancouver’s 99.3 The Fox and Winnipeg’s Power 97, and other stations across the county are expected to follow suit within months. Corus hopes that this initiative will strengthen local music communities by giving each station a pool of unique local talent to play.

From a press release:

“We’re very pleased to be working with Supernova on the integration of a music-based social media platform with our websites,” said David Huszar, Vice President and General Manager, CIIS, Corus Entertainment. “This will serve local communities by providing new music fans a place to listen, share and support their local music scene and emerging artists by offering them opportunities to expose their music to a larger audience through our websites and airwaves.”

“By having an online platform through which local bands can promote themselves, music programmers can carefully hand pick the best crowd-sourced music to play on air; then radio again becomes the lynchpin in emerging artist development,” said Elliott Hurst, CEO, Supernova Interactive.

There’s been plenty of discussion over the past few years about the relevance of radio in the time of MP3s, streaming music and such. But if this project works as well as Corus and Supernova hope, it could be a great way to hear new artists that otherwise would never be exposed.