Blogging Costs The World $82 Billion a Year

As a new blogger at Techvibes (covering the Calgary high-tech community), the question occurred to me for my inaugural post: “How much time do people spend on blogs?” (and since time = money, how much does this all cost?).

Well, according to, there are 70 million blogs, with time being taken to both write them and read them.

As a blogger, I know it takes about 10 minutes or so to write a post. The Techvibes blog is updated more or less daily, but I know some personal blogs get much less frequency… so, let’s assume each blog is updated on average at least twice a month. That makes 2x12x70,000,000x10minutes a year = 16.8 billion minutes = 320,512 person years for us bloggers to write blogs (caveat emptor: all these #’s are guestimates, of course).

How much time does it take to read the blogs? Again, a site like Techvibes has hundreds of readers daily, but on my personal blog (which is probably more representative of the average traffic that the 70 million blogs get), I have 25 RSS regular readers. Let’s say it takes 3 minutes to read a post, so on average 75 minutes is used to read post. Using the above calculation, that works out to 2.4 million person years to read blogs.

So, the world spends about 2.72 million person years annually on blogs. And, assuming that time could have been spent elsewhere making, say, on average $30K a year, then the implicit collective cost of blogging in the world is about $82 Billion, give or take $10. ☺ Let me know if you think my calculation is wonky!

Anyway, I’m super-excited to start blogging for Techvibes. After 19 years in the Canadian tax and accounting software industry with start-up companies like Cantax and Greenpoint, as well as a senior executive at Intuit Canada. I’ve just started my journey to re-immerse myself in the simmering Calgary high-tech community, looking for my next opportunity (ies). Through my blogging, you’ll get to experience that journey with me.

And, needless to say, thanks for your time spent reading the Techvibes blog!