Count Me In CEO apologizes

TechFlash’s John Cook was the first to report on Seattle-based Count Me In‘s mismangement of funds owed to customers and yesterday he had a chance to sit down with CEO Terry Drayton. Turns out the original report of $100K in missing funds has grown to $5 Million.

Embarrassed. Apologetic. Hopeful. Those were just a few of the emotions expressed today by an effusive Terry Drayton as the embattled CEO of Count Me In described how the Bellevue company lost nearly $5 million in registration fees and donations for 220 non-profits and youth sports organizations across the country.

“I am the founder. I am the CEO. It is my responsibility. It happened on my watch, and it is my job to fix it, full stop,” he said.

Cook’s full post is worth a read and he promises to publish extended excerpts of his interview with Drayton tomorrow.