Countdown to the TwitPocalypse

The end may be near for Twitter, or at least for any services that rely on the microblogging site’s API.

Montreal-based start-up WhereCloud (Creators of the iPhone Twitter app Reportage) have found a potentially devastating bug in Twitter’s system that could cause odd behaviour or break third-party apps that rely on the site.

Essentially, every “Tweet” that broadcast is assigned a number. In Twitter’s case, these numbers are 32-bit signed intergers, which can have a maximum value of 2,147,483,647.

After that, the system starts giving our negative numbers which many Twitter clients may not have been designed to cope with.

WhereCloud has set up the TwitPocalypse site to countdown to the number. As of this writing, the site estimates the time everything starts to go haywire at June 13th.

That said, the bug has been compared to the imfamous Y2K glitch and we all know how devastating that was (as in, not at all…)