Toronto Mayor Proclaims February 24, 2015 Coworking Toronto Day

Toronto Mayor John Tory has proclaimed Tuesday, February 24 Coworking Toronto Day.

Free coworking, business over breakfast, networking to make connections, and even grilled cheese sandwiches. These are some examples of events taking place tomorrow, the first annual Coworking Toronto Day.

Coworking has come a long way since its inception in 2005. Not only has the number of spaces doubled each year, with Deskmag reporting that 4.5 new spaces open every day around the world, but coworking and the core values that drive it have become a critical component in the changing face of the global economy.

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“As we’ve seen the global community grow, we’ve also seen the Toronto community grow considerably in the last few years in particular.” says Rachel Young, Founder of Camaraderie Coworking.

“What started as three Toronto coworking spaces talking about working on projects together has grown to a collective of coworking spaces across the city and as more spaces join the collective, there’s even more reason to set aside a day to celebrate together.”

The increase of independent, part time, freelance and entrepreneurial workers has grown, and coworking spaces have provided the underpinning that allows these workers to reap the rewards of new and sustainable economic models.

This rings loud and clear here in Toronto with 15 coworking spaces in the CoworkingToronto collective as well as dozens more offering coworking space in Toronto.