Cracking the code: An Email Marketing and Integrated Data Event

A couple of months ago, I attended the IAB’s Mixx Canada Conference Series in Toronto.  There was an overwhelming amount of fresh and poignant perspectives ready to consume and in which to contribute.  However, the notion that continues to resonate, even after some time is this idea that “digital is the glue that’s holding everything together.” I believe it was Ogilvy’s Lars Bastholm, a true creative and digital leader, who delivered this statement so vehemontly.  More than ever, it’s this thinking that applies across a broad number of spectrums.  Perhaps, it’s because the concept that integration is essentially everywhere we turn, is something we’ve all come to expect.

Tomorrow, I’ll be attending the Toronto – Email Marketing and integrated data event hosted by Andrew Sinclair. The event comes at the perfect time, as many Fortune 500 companies are migrating email communication platforms to embrace the growing importance of digital marketing for their audiences and communities.

With a focus on some of the most strategic and relevant tools at our disposal, I’m really looking forward to hearing from Joel Book, ExactTarget’s Director of eMarketing Education.  There’s been a lot of early buzz around ExactTarget, and I’m anticipating a tool that has been built to change with the growing need to better understand who our customer really is, within a given context. Other prominent sponsors of the event include Omniture and Architech Solutions, both tools that truly facilitate an optimized communications approach.

During Mixx Canada, Bastholm, also offered this striking analogy: “Digital is Becoming a Teenager.” It asks of society and itself the same things an adolescent does; “Who am I?” and “I probably shouldn’t have done that.” Through trial and error, missteps and successes, a further understanding of all that we are capable of, within a digital world is quite positively, inevitable.

The complimentary Email Marketing event is sold out due to its truly relevant and applicable nature. Don’t be discourged; If you’d like to attend future events of this nature, send a message to Andrew Sinclair.

Toronto – Email Marketing and integrated data is to be held at the Ivey ING Leadership Center on November 4th from 5:30-8:30 pm EST.