Craig Wireless to offer WiMax in Vancouver

MotorolaThe battle over Vancouver’s next generation wireless internet market is heating up. Just over a year after Rogers and Bell teamed up to establish a the first WiMax network in Vancouver, Craig Wireless Systems has decided to build a WiMax network as well, with the help of their friend Motorola. This announcement comes after the decision by Industry Canada decided to award Craig Wireless a Broadband Radio Service License.

Vancouver, as a result, is going to have two 4G networks satisfying its wireless needs as WiMax technology makes its much-anticipated entrance into the internet mainstream.

Motorola will provide its end-to-end WiMAX solution, including base stations, wireless access controllers and an operation and maintenance center, as well as supporting services for network design, planning, installation and optimization for end-to-end integration of the network, which will operate in the 2.5GHz spectrum band.

“The Motorola solution will enable us to hit the ground running in our Vancouver market and seize immediate opportunities to serve our customers with new mobile services and applications,” said Rod Vandenbos, president of Craig Wireless Systems Ltd. “Our customers in Vancouver will be able to enjoy fast, reliable connections to the Internet anywhere they live, work or play.”

Nothing wrong with a little competition.