Craigslist Canada Changing Sex Ads Section?

After facing lawsuits and major scandals, (a Boston woman was killed when she responded to an ad on Craigslist), the company announced it would shut down its exotic services section in the U.S., and replace it with a new monitored adult-services category.  Now, according to the Globe and Mail, a spokesperson for the company in San Francisco says they are looking at avenues the Canadian Craigslist can take to do the same.  In particular,

Ben Perrin, a law professor at the University of British Columbia, along with the RCMP and the Peel Regional Police force in Ontario have discussed the issue with the online classified ad company in an effort to prevent sexual exploitation of minors.

Perrin says Craigslist has been used a portal for these purposes.

The number of postings in Toronto and Vancouver in particular have increased according to Craigslist, in recent months, so there’s a real need to tackle this issue in Canada.

Although there are certain meaures in place to help filter certain words prevalent in the sex industry from being used in ads, Perrin says,

What’s critically missing from the Canadian Craigslist websites, of which there are over 50, is phone number and credit-card verification for someone who wants to post in the erotic services section.

Ontario police say Craigslist has been very open to discussion to working together.