Create Your Own Barbra Streisand Remix with

Duck Sauce Barbra StreisandBusinesses are desperately looking to leverage online marketing to drive growth. But there has to be a way to do it at on the cheap.

I recently came by a website called, a cool minisite that takes the infamous song, Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce and lets you add your own words to it.

My first thoughts

Yeah, it’s funny (and yes, I did spend an hour playing with almost any phrase I could think of), but there has to be more; who created it and why?

I found out that the creator of the website is …the creator of the website are PixNet and IVONA Software, an online company focusing on text-to-speech services.

Connecting the dots

As a text-to-speech provider, this unique social minisite aligns to what the organization provides at its main offering. Tomasz Chmielewski, co-founder of took a chance on the idea from an existing user of their product.

“Someone sent us a link with this funny “remix” of Duck Sauce with the name of our local Polish Celebrity instead of Barbra Streisand verse. We found it extremely funny, and thought about the possibility of creating this kind of remix automatically via web page. First thing that crossed our mind was to use awesome IVONA speech synthesiser which we knew before. The first automatic remix we created was so amusing and sounded so good we decided to put the page up as soon as possible.
The whole thing took us 2 days.”

Chmielewski further explained that since the launch of the website on January 28th, there have been 1.7 million users driving more than 20 million page views to the site and counting. As of February 11, 2011, has more than 92,000 Facebook likes.

Another marketing techniques similar to IVONA’s are Blendtech’s “Will It Blend?”. In these series of videos Blendtech illustrates the power of their blenders by absolutely destroying an iPhone 4 in their heavy-duty blender. If it can handle an iPhone, it can handle just about anything I’m going to blend and eat!