‘Creator Marketplace’ IZEA Expands to Canada

Online content and influencing marketing company IZEA this morning announced their official expansion to Canada.

The company will be expanding to a Toronto-based team in order to market Canadian-based brands, agencies and publishers. The aim is to build a community with local social media influencers and content creators within Canada.

The Toronto team will be led by Tiffany Heimpel as director of Canadian client partnerships. Heimpal has worked in advertising, corporate brand marketing, and account management.

“Having worked agency side, brand side and influencer side I have a unique perspective on the market as I’ve experienced it from all angles,” said Heimpel.

Because of the growing innovation occurring in the influencer and content marketing space, Heimpal says her background will allow her to become a better partner for IZEA clients.

“Canada is a country with its own culture, diversity and ways in which we like to do business. Having a team and office in Canada allows us to build campaigns that respect these things whilst still drawing on our global best practices and experience,” she said.

IZEA presently works with more than 14,000 content creators based in Canada, connecting A-list celebrities, bloggers, journalists and social media influencers with brands for sponsored marketing opportunities.

The company compensates the creators for the development and distribution of unique content on behalf of brands. In contrast, the brands receive influential consumer content that drive awareness.

“As to date Canada has not had a technology in this space that allows us to mobilize content and influencers in a scaleable way,” she said.

But Heimpel says expectations are very high. The focus is to bring a platform technology with a human touch to approach the Canadian marketplace.

“As we’ve done globally, the goal once we’re finished our expansion is to be not only the market leader in content and influencer marketing, but the continued innovator,” she said.

Within the company’s nine-year lifespan, they have accumulated the largest global network with over 3.5 million transactions and has served a range of premium clients.

The Canadian expansion will stay true to the company’s belief, which is that it is critical to be a global company that obtains a distinct, localized presence.

“Experience has taught us to be relentlessly disruptive technologically while being humble, but hungry, as a business,” she said.