Cross Media TO Successfully Bridges the Gap between Five Media Sectors

Cross Media TO

What happens when people from gaming, publishing, mobile, marketing and motion come together? Cross Media TO.

Cross Media TO seeks to bridge the gap between different media sectors in order share information and find new opportunities. It successfully brought together professionals from advertising to gaming in order to discuss cross media technologies, case studies of successful cross media projects and be able to network further to create opportunities for cross media deals.

The three and a half hour event flew by because of one reason; variety of presentation styles. There were three cross media projects demos, a debate on the future of the advertising agency, a panel with 5 executive named “The Reality of Cross Media Integration” and two  case studies of cross content/strategy.

Needless to say, no matter what industry, there is enough content to address the issues your organization is facing.

The demos at Cross Media TO had a cool twist to them because of their cross media integration. The demos included ES3 who is striving to make TV more interactive, BitStrips who is building the world’s biggest and best online comics site and Shark Teeth Films who are taking steps to increasing workflow by integrating an iPad into the equation.

The panel named “Melting the Silos: The Reality of Cross Media Integration” shed light on perspective from the world of motion, mobile, marketing, publishing and gaming. As the degree of integration between these 5 fields slightly increases, the moderator and President of Jumpwire Media, Gavin McGarry attempted to hint for a deal on stage; it was worth a try.

Steve Pratt, Director of CBC Radio 3, discussed how radio alone isn’t satisfying the want of sharing music and how CBC Radio 3 is solving that. Pratt discussed the strategy of the platform and his three pillars of success:

  • finding & owning a niche
  • creating new and unique value on a variety of platforms
  • giving up control to the audience

The objective of the event was to spark conversation for cross media processes, technologies and case studies; Jumpwire Media didn’t disappoint. If you missed out and looking for an intimate setting, check out Cross Media TO Hive being held September 30th.