Cross Platform Collaboration in Motion = Web Not War

If, at its core, design experience is a means to realizing viable outcomes within businesses, communities, and the lives of individuals, then transparent discourse, is the currency at play.

I’ve always appreciated when events are centered around raw thought leadership, organic conversations and synergies in the truest essence of the term.  As such, it’s even more interesting when an event’s mandate is to shift perceptions of its new and old members alike while living under the brand of a technology giant like Microsoft Canada.

In the last week, there has been an overwhelming sense that 2010’s Make Web Not War conference (#webnotwar) was a true look at arming developers and designers with the capabilities and tools needed to deliver web experiences that matter, resonate and translate across verticals, to satisfied clients and customers.

I had the chance to sit down with the event organizer, Angie Lim and understand her thinking behind this cross platform event which was held this year in Montreal:

The beauty of this conference is that it brings cross-platform developers together from different programming disciplines in order to create harmony and focus on the one thing developers spend most of [their] lives on – building the ultimate web experience. When doing so, keynote speaker Joel Perras put it perfectly when he said: ‘Interoperability is a requirement, not a feature.’

Post-event feedback is resonating with members of Canada’s developer community in real and tangible ways.  Not only do participants feel they had the opportunity to learn about new and emerging technologies within the developer ecosystem, but they were empowered to create lasting synergies with community members and like-minded colleagues in a non-competitive landscape.

All of this, can be traced back to a pointed vision and is a true testament to the developer mandate and creative types everywhere. Perhaps this what community engagement looks like, in action.

Check out the post-event wrap up via twitter, flickr, vimeo, facebook and more.