Crowd sourcing may be the biggest thing since radio

During day two of nextMEDIA, Chuck Porter of the foundational advertising agency, Crispin Porter noted that “We are exposed to 1600 to 3000 marketing messages a day. If this is the case, then the question must be asked of whether or not breakthrough creative is important.  Astoundingly, the answer is a resounding yes, according to Porter. Porter emphasized that surprise is better than consistency. What a company does is more interesting than what they say, in not only the realm of advertising but the world as whole. It’s clear, that people care about how a product fits into an overall timely, global context. 

Porter explained that we all know that the future is digital. But, are we there yet? Let’s look at the numbers: The global spend on advertising is $172 billion on television ads and $54 billion on the web.  In 2011 advertising spend will be $183 billion on television, $69 billion on the web, $97 billion on newspaper and $2.5 billion on vdeo games. The conclusion must be made, though, that if the story is engaging or interesting, regardless of the medium, people will pay attention. Why? Because people get bored, according to Porter.   Conversations are more interesting than announcements and now, more than ever, we must learn to work cheaply when we must.  However, this doesn’t take away from the art itself.  According to Porter “The cool thing about interactive is that it’s well, interactive.” Porter made it clear that he believes that the best buzz is free buzz and that the revolution is not only about writers and art directors, because technology allows the mass development of ideas. 

Porter offered an interesting comparison in that the 50 million person focus group is much better than twelve people sitting around and “testing” creative.  We must understand the sheer importance of added insight as we move from a re-write environment to more than a read-only environment.  Porter explains that there are two ways to move an audience: Offer a great product at great price or build stories that create momentum through unique creative.  It’s evident that there is utter transparency in today’s world and the smart marketers are the ones who will understand where their brand fits into the global context.