Three Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns Worth Watching



What tech-related ideas are Canadian creators raising money to support?

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:

RoVa3D: Five Material/Colour Liquid Cooled 3D Printer

Returning to crowdfunding a year after their first success campaign, ORD Solutions has already met their goal to fund a new and improved version of their printer. The Cambridge-based company is applying what they learned from round one to bring more to 3D table. With five nozzles, a number of combinations of colours and/or materials can be used in one printing session without changing the filament. Help ORD reach their stretch goals and you’ll add to everyone’s perks.

Female Seeking Male

This Vancouver film explores the idea of finding meaningful connections in an increasingly tech-distracted world. Drawing on movies like Her for inspiration, it’s no surprise writer/director Melanie Jones tackles online dating and device addiction in her Indiecan10K Challenge winning project. Perks include movie downloads, and digital access to the soundtrack.

Culver City Salad Goes Solar

The sun already feeds our vegetables, but the owners of this vegan salad truck also want to harness the technology of solar power to feed their batteries. Solar panels make up most of the proposed retrofit cost, followed by more energy efficient refrigerators and new batteries. If you put your crowdfunding dollars into this project, you’ll get a very leafy perk package.