Crowdfunding the Comeback of Vinyl

Everything old is new again.

Just look at vinyl – while CD sales continue to slide, sales of analog records are growing.

Now, the comeback of vinyl isn’t exactly “new” (I’ve been writing about it for almost ten years), but one Ontario company is getting in on this comeback in a brand new way.

Niagara-based Fluance is launching a new line of turntables through a crowdfunding campaign. The company says the turntables offer high-quality sound at a lower price than most hi-fi models.

While the record players might be new, the company itself has a long history – it’s been building speakers for over 16 years. Those speakers appear to have gotten good reviews from audio experts, generally being praised for offering good sound at a lower-than-average price.

The company appears to be going for the same market with the turntable .

“Both deliver excellent sound quality and feature a nice solid build,” Alan Cross, a broadcaster known for his Ongoing History of New Music series, wrote on his blog.

The two turntables are built with wood, to dampen the effect of vibrations and prevent record skips.

“The crafted wood cabinet reduces vibrations to ensure the needle provides all of the signal. Sound isolation feet significantly reduce reverberation, leaving you with pure stereophonic sound,” Fluance says about its RT80 model.

The somewhat more expensive RT81 model uses a solid-body design that the company says “creates a rock-solid, stable and low reverberation environment.”

Both record players come with Audio Technica cartridges – with a higher quality cartridge shipping with the RT81.

Both also have built-in preamps – so it’s just a matter of hooking the record player up to a sound system or to speakers with a built-in amp.

So far, the campaign is of to a pretty good start – it’s raised over $58,000 of its $60,000 goal. The RT80 model will cost backers $235 while the RT81 goes for $300.