Crowdsourcing a product name

Scott Annan of Mercury Grove blogged at Startup Ottawa today about their decision to rely on the wisdom of the crowd for their new product name.

Last week I wrote about the issues we were having after receiving a “Cease and Desist Letter” from a large company. Based largely on the feedback on this blog, we have decided to “crowdsource” our product name and ask people of the startup community, and technology community at large to help us find a suitable alternative to “DEX”.

I still think that this kind of reaction by all businesses needs to change. While we have openly blogged about our process and as we try to develop our product collaboratively, some companies continue to pay a team of lawyers to “monitor the internet” and guard them against other people. I think that lawyers and businesses need to update their “cease and desist” letters from aggressive and threatening warnings to “inform and engage” letters that seek to educate and engage their “potential competition” and their customers, and that they need to get involved in the ongoing dialog that is taking place – whether they are listening or not.

So head over to Mercury Grove to suggest a name or vote on one of the new monikers listed.